Your SmartDocs subscription includes access to SmartDocs software, full product support, and free upgrades. Our team helps your team get up and running in no time.

  • Full product support and maintenance
  • Free product updates
  • Volume and multi-year discounts available

How is SmartDocs licensed?

SmartDocs is licensed on a per user subscription basis. You pay an annual subscription fee that includes everything you need to use the software, including access to the SmartDocs software, full product support, and free product upgrades.

Where is my reusable content stored?

If you use Professional Edition or Express Edition, your reusable content is stored in Microsoft SharePoint. Your reusable content repository can reside locally on your SharePoint server or it can be hosted by 36Software.

What happens when a new version of SmartDocs is released?

As an active SmartDocs subscriber, you get immediate access to the new release to install when you are ready. You never pay an upgrade fee.

We don't store our documents in SharePoint. Is this a problem?

No. SmartDocs only uses SharePoint to store your reusable content. Your documents can be stored in the exact same location you store them today.

How do Express Edition and Desktop Edition differ from Professional Edition?

Express Edition and Desktop Edition contain a subset of the features that are available in Professional Edition. Please visit our Pricing & Editions page for a detailed comparison.

How do I renew my SmartDocs subscription?

You will be contacted via email starting when your renewal date is within 120 days. 36Software offers an excellent Early Renewal Rewards program which you can access through the SmartDocs Customer Portal. Once your renewal is completed, your SmartDocs license activation will continue uninterrupted.

How do you support SmartDocs?

Our SmartDocs Support Center contains an online knowledge base complete with helpful articles and videos. Through the Support Center you can open and send support tickets directly to our team of experts. Full product support is included in your SmartDocs subscription.

Am I eligible for any discounts?

We offer license volume discounts, multi-year subscription discounts, and early renewal incentives. Please contact us for more information.

How does 36Software support Independent Contractors?

36Software understands that being up-to-date with software is important to your business, so we offer a unique opportunity to add one of the industry's most powerful software tools to your toolkit. With the SmartDocs for Independent Contractors package, you get a SmartDocs Professional Edition license, SmartDocs repository hosting, full product support, and monthly online training for one affordable price. Contact us to learn more.

What type of training and consulting does 36Software offer SmartDocs customers?

Customers purchase access to our complete online, on-demand training environment, SmartDocs University (SDU). SDU includes instructor-led videos and training supplements to get the entire team up and running in no time. Consulting with our experts, online or onsite, is also available. Additionally, our 36 Office Hours program provides access to free online training for all SmartDocs customers.

How do I manage my team's SmartDocs licensing and activation?

Using your personalized SmartDocs Customer Portal account, you can view and manage your company's SmartDocs license activations, user accounts, and terms.

What do I have to do if someone leaves our team and is no longer a SmartDocs user?

If a licensed user will no longer be working with SmartDocs, use the SmartDocs Customer Portal to deactivate the individual user account. That license will now be available for a new user on your team to activate.

Is there a minimum purchase required?

Companies may purchase as few as one SmartDocs Professional or Desktop Edition license. Also required is a minimum training and/or consulting option. Our Experts will recommend the appropriate training options depending on your team's size and needs. (Express Edition licenses cannot be used without at least one Professional Edition license.)

How much will training cost for my team?

Pricing is designed to make training affordable and scalable to any size team. Choose between Standard or Enterprise for your company as a base. The total cost will depend on your company's requirements and the total number of SmartDocs users.

SmartDocs is very affordable and thus ideal to start working with as a content management system.

Henk, CCO Foxiz, Netherlands

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