Accurate, Customized Reports at your Fingertips

Why write the same assessments or findings over and over again? Learn how SmartDocs addresses this and other common challenges.

  • Automate document assembly
  • Collaborate in-house and in the field
  • Customize document outputs as needed

Automate your report templates

Our team generates many reports, audits, and assessments from templates. How will SmartDocs help us automate this process?

Create your own automated document assembly wizard in SmartDocs with our powerful feature, SmartBuilders. Automatically generate reports out of existing content, including CRM data, and then customize as required.

Easily find and insert approved content

How does SmartDocs help me find existing, approved content to use in my reports?

Finding and inserting content is easy in SmartDocs. From basic search and browse to powerful document automation, SmartDocs leads writers to approved, relevant content — 100% of the time.

Scale SmartDocs for your team

Our team includes content authors, engineers, and those compiling reports. Do we all need the same edition of SmartDocs?

SmartDocs is scalable and affordable for any size team. Choose a combination of Professional Edition for content owners and Express Edition for those generating reports, audits, or assessments.

Know where content has been used

How do we know which snippets have been used in the past for specific clients and reports?

Refer to your content Usage Tracking history when you want to know which snippets have been used in the past for specific documents. Content owners can ensure that approved content is being used and updated when required.

What once took up to an hour to do, now takes five minutes. Proofreading that doesn't have to happen further reduces time requirements.

Adria, Content Strategist / Business Analyst

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