Find the information you need faster than ever

Imagine no longer spending your time searching through old documents to create new documents. Learn how SmartDocs solves this and other common challenges.

  • Automated document assembly
  • Improve productivity 50% or more
  • Bullet-proof accuracy
  • Find and use only approved information

Automate proposal creation

Our proposals contain a lot of the same information. How will SmartDocs allow me to automatically create a new document out of existing content?

Create your own automated document assembly wizard in SmartDocs with our powerful feature, SmartBuilders. Automatically generate proposals out of existing content, including CRM data, and then customize as you need.

Ensure information accuracy

Sometimes we accidentally leave inaccurate information in our proposals and lose bids. How does SmartDocs help prevent this?

Traditional copy & paste puts you at risk of leaving inaccurate information in your proposals. Reusable Variables ensure bullet-proof consistency of critical data such as client names, product names, and contact information.

Easily find and insert approved content

How does SmartDocs help me find existing, approved content to use in my proposals and contracts?

Finding and inserting content is easy in SmartDocs. From basic search and browse to powerful document automation, SmartDocs leads writers to approved, relevant content — 100% of the time.

Reuse your approved content in Excel

Sometimes we respond to RFPs or RFIs in Excel. How does SmartDocs support Excel?

SmartDocs for Excel supports finding and inserting approved snippet content as well as reusable variables. Search and browse in Excel just as you do in Word to insert content from your library of snippets.

Scale SmartDocs for your team

Our proposal team includes managers and sales professionals. Do we all need the same edition of SmartDocs?

SmartDocs is scalable and affordable for any size team. Choose Professional Edition for content owners or managers and Express Edition for sales professionals who are generating proposals.

Being able to assign keywords to content to easily find what we’re looking for, and even browse the repository right within the Word document we’re working on, makes us so much more efficient.

Elisabeth, Marketing Manager

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