Reliable content control and approval

In the healthcare industry, content accuracy is critical, sometimes life-saving. Learn how SmartDocs addresses this and other common challenges for medical writing professionals.

  • Easily access approved content
  • Track versions, usage, and updates
  • Collaborate with remote teams in Word
  • Streamline SME review process

Easily find and insert approved content

How do I find existing, approved content to include in my documents?

Finding and inserting content is easy in SmartDocs. From basic search and browse to powerful document automation, SmartDocs leads writers to approved, relevant content — 100% of the time.

Keep your documents up-to-date

How do I know if any reusable content in my document has new versions available?

SmartDocs always lets you know the status of the content in your document. When a new version of a snippet is available, SmartDocs presents you with a choice of relevant actions. Update one or all outdated snippets in your document with one click.

Generate multiple variations from a single master document

We manage many documents that are alike. How does SmartDocs help me create multiple variations from a single master?

Dramatically reduce the number of documents your team needs to create and update. With a combination of Conditional Text, Reusable Variables, and Document Snapshots, you will automatically generate multiple document variations from a single master.

Know where content is being used

How do we know which snippets have been used in which documents and by whom?

Content Managers take advantage of Usage Tracking in SmartDocs to track which snippets have been used in documents, how many times they have been used, and which versions of snippets are in which documents.

Support non-SmartDocs content reviewers

We have highly regulated content and conduct complex reviews. How does SmartDocs support reviewers who may not have a license?

SmartDocs will streamline your review and approval process. Any Word user can work with your SmartDocs document during review phases, making it easier to track and implement suggested changes within your single, master version.

We chose SmartDocs because it has all of the advanced features we need, while still being user-friendly and simple to learn...searchable content library, scalability, plus ensured accuracy and quality of content through approval hierarchies.

Ashley, Human Resources

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