When 36Software hosts your SmartDocs repository, we do all the work. We'll set-up your repository, configure it to your specifications, and handle ongoing maintenance.

Let 36Software do all the work for you. Our hosted repository was set up and configured to our specifications in just a couple days.

Steve L., Technical Manager

What does your hosted SmartDocs repository offering include?

36Software will set-up, configure, and maintain your SmartDocs reusable content repository for you. You simply install SmartDocs on your local computer and you're ready to go.

How much does SmartDocs Repository Hosting cost?

Hosting fees are dependent on your specific needs and requirements including number of repositories needed and number of licensed SmartDocs users. Contact us for accurate pricing.

Where is my SmartDocs repository hosted?

Your SmartDocs repository is hosted with SherWeb, a worldwide leader in providing cloud-based hosting solutions on the Microsoft platform. SherWeb provides SharePoint hosting services for over 20,000 customers in over 100 countries.

What is 36Software's relationship with SherWeb?

36Software is an authorized reseller of SherWeb's SharePoint hosting services. 36Software will create and maintain your hosted repository using SherWeb's cloud-based SharePoint platform.

Is my hosted SmartDocs repository secure?

Yes. Your hosted repository is completely isolated from all other hosted repositories and is only accessible by users that you designate and the 36Software support team.

Are we required to store our documents in the hosted SmartDocs repository?

No. The hosted SmartDocs repository is only used to store your reusable content. Your documents can be stored in the exact same location you store them today.

Do I have direct access to my hosted SmartDocs repository?

Yes. If needed, you can access your hosted repository using any standard web browser.

Is the hosting environment backed-up, audited, and certified?

Yes. SherWeb's hosting environment provides complete back-up and restoration services and has built-in redundancy to provide maximum availability. It is also certified and has successfully passed the SAS 70 Type 1 audit.

SmartDocs houses all our content in SharePoint, so we have zero concerns of ever being unable to access our database or how we’ll get that content back.

Elisabeth, Marketing Manager

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