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36Software's partners include content consultants, application vendors, and training providers around the world who help provide SmartDocs implementation, training, and support services.

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OnTarget Communications

OnTarget Communications is a SmartDocs reseller and service provider with offices in Israel and the United Kingdom. OnTarget provides documentation, training, consulting, and content management services to global organizations, specializing in the hi-tech, telecom, military, security, and bio-tech fields.

LanguageLine Solutions

LanguageLine translates and localizes a wide variety of documents including technical manuals, compliance materials, and medical information. Their experienced in-house engineering team can easily work with any type of content (Microsoft Word, DITA, XML, and HTML), in all of the leading desk-top publishing, help documentation, and authoring tools. Always leveraging CAT tools, translation memory, custom glossaries, terminology lists, and style guides, LanguageLine delivers high-quality solutions and high-touch service paramount to our client’s success.


36Software is a Microsoft partner and has a direct connection with Microsoft engineers and technical support. Our solutions are built on Microsoft technologies and help you get the most out of your investment in Microsoft products.


WritePoint is a SmartDocs reseller and service provider based in Israel. From marketing brochures and company profiles, to complete technical documentation, user guides, API manuals, online help, and content management solutions, WritePoint is your one-stop documentation company.


Foxiz is a SmartDocs reseller and service provider based in the Netherlands, serving our Dutch customers as well as Germany and Belgium. Foxiz maps out the informational needs, processes, budgets, and objectives of your company and helps develop and implement the ideal content strategy.


WebWorks is a SmartDocs technology partner based in Austin, Texas. WebWorks is the creator of ePublisher, a publishing solution that transforms source content into nearly any output format. SmartDocs integrates with ePublisher to provide a complete authoring, content management, and publishing solution for your Microsoft Word content.

Publishing Smarter

Publishing Smarter is a SmartDocs reseller and service provider based in Canada. Publishing Smarter provides content management, legacy content conversion, template development, and technical writing services. Publishing Smarter's customer base includes government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, private companies and not-for-profit agencies.


Saltlux is a SmartDocs reseller and service provider in the Asia-Pacific region. Saltlux was founded in 1979 as the first Korean Technical translation company. Saltlux's services encompass translation, localization engineering, DTP, MT post-editing, planning and writing of technical manuals.


Checkpoint is a SmartDocs service provider based in the United Kingdom. Checkpoint provides professional bid production support, document formatting services, and Microsoft Word template development and consultancy services.

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