Seamless integration with all of your existing Word content

Whether you're a current SmartDocs user or just getting started, you will see how easy it is to make SmartDocs 2017.1 your go-to solution. Open any Word document you already have and Go! Here's just some of what's new.

  • State-of-the-art UI updates
  • Powerful content search and sort options
  • Even more flexible conditional text
  • New Document Automation capabilities
  • And so much more!

Snippet Statistics and Search Result Sorting

Know which Snippets are being used most with Snippet Statistics.

Your snippet search results can be customized to sort by snippet name or by those most frequently inserted for easy selection.

Even more powerful conditional text capabilities

SmartDocs already introduced Conditional Text to Word.

Now see how SmartDocs takes conditional text capabilities beyond what you ever thought possible. And it's so easy!

Snippets inserted as links

Insert snippets as links to reduce the size of your Word documents.

Now SmartDocs will insert linked snippets as content when you publish your document. Make large documents easier to navigate and allow reviewers to focus only on new content.

Favorite your Snippets

Create a personalized list of your favorite snippets!

Easily access all of the snippets you like to use the most. Create your own unique list, accessible in any Word document you're working with.

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